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Professional translation

We are translation professionals, close to the client and we know how to adapt to their needs.


Responsibility in translation implies precision, integrity, cultural respect and ethics, mediating communication between languages and cultures without bias or manipulation.


By establishing direct and personalized communication with the client, we achieve optimal translation results, benefiting from one-on-one interaction.


We have the ability to understand and adapt to the client’s specific needs, ensuring translation solutions that accurately reflect their expectations.

What do we do

Translate services








Additional services


Voice over


We provide assistance in reviewing your website, documents and communications, promoting clear language for your internal and external audience. Our localization service allows your company to present itself effectively to different audiences, adapting to the culture and expectations of the recipient, similar to changing your outfit according to the occasion without losing your identity.

We specialize in medical and legal texts intended for a wide range of interlocutors: from patients, parents and carers to doctors, students, surgeons, clients, contractual parties and litigants.

We offer translations in the format that the client needs, either adapting them to the recipient or preserving the essence of the original. Communication with the client is our priority to understand their needs and help them achieve their objectives with the product-text that best suits their requirements.


Who we work for

We serve medium and large companies that need to translate or localize their documents (patient documents, instructions, forms, web pages, e-learning, presentations). We offer our point of view and suggestions to improve the source documents to optimize their image, and reach the chosen audience and enhance their benefits. We help make your message clear, essential for the well-being of patients and their caregivers.